Shane Duan

Welcome! This site is divided into the three major sections. Hope you enjoy it.

I love building technology savvy business products with agility. I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, traveling, as well as computer games and board games.

Pre-Twitter Updates

02/08/2008 Happy Year of Rat!

We are enjoying our new home at San Ramon, enough said.

08/11/2007 DBEntrance

I have been working with Tod on DB Entrance, by providing an advanced editor (starting with a syntax highlighting). The gamma version is now out!

07/07/2007 Website Update

I have come out of the initial shock of being a new father (You know where that blog is!), and start contributing to my work. I also updated two pages on
this website: SSH Setup and Open Source Projects

06/20/2007 Renee is here!

Our daughter came earlier than expected but both mom and baby are doing well. I am staying home these two weeks to enjoy some good family time.

05/08/2007 In Memory of Bill Bercik

As my wife and I are making preparations for our daughter, Renee, entering into our life, I wasn’t prepared to hear that another life has left this world: Bill Bercik, a dear friend of mine that I got to known from JBuilder team, has passed aways last Firday. I have created a Page for Bill Bercik in his memory, until I find a better location.


I have decided to call it a year and release the three projects that I have been working on lately. Happy New Year!:


We have confirmed with the doctor that we are going to be parents!

10/30/2006 Job Update

Joined Guidewire

07/20/2006 Content Update

07/19/2006 Layout Fixed

Fixed for Internet Explorer. Now you know what my favorite browser is!

Hawaii Trip

We finally published the blog about our Hawaii trip. Now
moving on to our recent hiking at San Bruno Mountain.

BuildMaster Released

This website is made available by BuildMaster, an opensource project that I started that finally
reached a milestone.